This site provides mental health information for those who are staying at home under COVID-19 pandemic.

Welcome to Imacoco Care!

This website introduces evidence-based methods and information to maintain mental health.

The name of the website, “Imacoco Care” is derived from the word “here and now.” By focusing on your senses and actions in the present moment, you will be able to go about your daily life with peace of mind. Imacoco Care provides easy-to-understand information that you can put into practice right away.

Everyone feels the stress of living in a current unusual environment. Let’s start by reading articles that you think are necessary for you at the moment, or articles that you are willing to try. Of course, it would be more effective if you could tackle the whole thing.

Take your time and look at it at your own pace!


It’s a way to keep you in the mindful state through “paying attention to the present moment as it is.” You can learn about the benefits of Mindfulness and how to engage in it with an easy-to-understand way via the audio and video. If you are feeling anxious or stressed out from your daily life and have a hard time keeping your mind calm, try this.
>>For those times when you don’t feel comfortable – Introduction to Mindfulness

Behavioral activation

It’s a way to keep your mind energized by increasing the activities that lead to pleasure and mastery/accomplishment in your daily life. It introduces how relating between your behaviors/actions and your feelings, how to maintain your mental energy, and points to do the activities which lead to good feelings. If you want to recover your mental energy with more activities that you can enjoy, try this one.
>>Tips for keeping mental energy in the midst of a difficult life

Physical activity

It is important to move your body to maintain your mental health. These chapters provide knowledge and tips for leading an active life while people are asked to stay at home, being properly aware of the spread of the new coronavirus. We recommend you take a look at the chapters if you feel little heavy lately.
>>Physical Activity for Mental Health – Introduction

Improving sleep quality

You may feel that you have not been able to sleep very well in the midst of an unusual life. Please visit this page to learn how to regulate your sleep rhythm without using medication.
>>Life tips to try when you can’t sleep and you’re having trouble

Tips about other stress management information

Do you have an interest in other tips about basic stress management during the COVID-19 pandemic? Various information about the stress of COVID-19 is increasing on the Internet and television. Here, the relevant information, such as the stress management tips that can be practiced in daily life, is summarized in an easy-to-understand way.
>>Six stress countermeasures for a new type of coronavirus infection

Take your time and look at it at your own pace!

Imacoco Care introduces various information on how to keep your mind energized. However, there is no need to try too hard to tackle everything at once. The point of using Imacoco Care is to work at your own pace. Taking the time to read the articles repeatedly and continuing to try the methods that are presented will also work.
If you’re not sure which article to start reading, it is recommended trying “Behavioral Activation,” which is easy to do first.


About the scientific evidence

The contents of “Imacoco Care” are based on the scientific evidence of medicine and psychology. Please click here to see the reference materials.

If you have any questions, please use the contact form here. Please note that Imacoco Care does not provide any consultation for individuals. Please visit the page provided by Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Japan, for more information about new coronavirus infections.