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Let’s make your action plan!

behavioral activation

In the last post, you tried to make a list of many behaviors that seem uplifting.

This time, let’s review the list from the perspective of “How much fun, or accomplishment, would I derive if I did that action?” This will help you score your list and put it into action.

Evaluate fun, achievement, and ease of doing

Please rate the listed actions on a scale of 0 to 10 based on fun, accomplishment, and ease of doing. Use your imagination to come up with the score.
Next, once you’re able to fill it out, choose an action to try. The point is to choose something as easy as possible, considering the scores for fun and accomplishment. For example, try to choose an action that looks like it could be done right away and would be fun, rather than an action that looks like it would be great fun if it could be done, but it would be difficult to do right away.

Choose actions that are as easy to do as possible.

The fact that “if you change your behaviors, your results may change” means that “actually taking action” is more important than anything else.
Examples of assessments of enjoyment, achievement, and ease of doing

Actions pleasure mastery ease of doing
Drink my favorite scented tea 7 4 8
Have an online drinking party with friends 9 4 5
Find three good things each day 7 7 6


Once you’ve chosen an action to try, make as concrete a plan of action as possible. Be specific about when, where, with whom, and what you will do makes it easier to take action. Once you’ve done it, rate it on a scale of 0 to 10 in the same way: how much fun you had, whether you felt a sense of accomplishment, and whether it was easy to do it.

How to make an action plan

An example of how to create an action plan

Action pleasure mastery ease of doing
Drink a cup of tea with my favorite scent.
When: tomorrow; Where: at home; With whom: alone
Expected: 7
Expected: 4
Expected: 8
Have an online drinking party with friends.
When: Every Saturday; Where: At home; With whom: With friends
Expected: 9
Expected: 4
Expected: 5


Again, it is strongly recommended that you get some paper and pen and write your plan down. Committing it to paper will help you follow through.

You can also download the worksheet.


Have you already got your action plan? The following article gives you some pointers on completing your action plan.

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