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Self-Compassion Exercises to Calm Painful Feelings


Somehow, I don’t feel energized… I feel lonely, sad, or depressed, even though it wasn’t caused by anything. You may feel self-hatred for your irritability… This is when I recommend self-compassion exercises. Self-compassion is the practice of directing understanding to oneself. It helps to calm the painful feelings.

Self-Compassion Exercises

How to take a posture

Sit in a comfortable position. You can sit with your back to the wall or lie down.

Many of you may have never had the experience of directing compassion toward your own suffering. Some of you may have felt somewhat uncomfortable or embarrassed during the exercise.

If someone is suffering, we want to say a word or do something to ease their pain, even if only a little. In the same way, when you are in distress, you can reduce it with a soothing word about yourself.

Feeling of connection

There is one more important thing.

It’s easy for us to think that we’re the only one in trouble when we’re struggling.

However, I’m sure I’m not the only one going through this difficult situation right now.
A lot of people are struggling through their first time doing this.

When we accept that “the suffering I’m feeling is not just something I’m feeling, it’s the same suffering that someone else is feeling as well” the suffering turns into an “experience of connection”, rather than a lonely experience.

Research is increasingly demonstrating that the feeling of connection can help restore immune function, lower depression and anxiety, and increase happiness and positive emotions.

There may be things that bother us that are right in front of us, but this suffering is not just something we feel, it’s something we all share.
When you look at it in this way, you may feel strangely encouraged and empowered.


What did you think of the self-compassion work?  Just as you speak out to someone who is going through a hard time, please turn your compassion to yourself as well.