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behavioral activation

Tips for keeping your mind energized during difficult daily life

Due to the new COVID-19 pandemic, it has not been easy to carry on with daily life as before. Many of you may be feelin...
behavioral activation

The relationship between what you do or don’t activity and your feelings

This article will explain the mechanism of "Why I lose energy when I am inactive." First, let's take a look at the ca...
behavioral activation

Reflecting on your life patterns

This article introduces the mechanisms by which a person's behavior influences their mood. The figure below shows the...
behavioral activation

Think of a “safe activity” that doesn’t fit into the “three Cs.

Once you've sorted out your behavioral patterns, the next step is to think about safe activities that don't fall under t...
behavioral activation

Let’s make your action plan!

In the last post, you tried to make a list of many behaviors that seem uplifting. This time, let's review the list fr...
behavioral activation

Reflections: Tips for acting to keep your energy in your life

The series of articles about "Behavioral Activation" introduced ways to maintain a positive mood during daily life when ...